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  • GPA Calculations

    Student’s GPA is calculated on the SC weighted GPA scale and also on the standard (unweighted) 4.0 scale. Student’s GPA is calculated on the SC weighted GPA scale and also on the standard (unweighted) 4.0 scale.

  • Accuracy

    The goal is to create an academic resume that is an accurate reflection of the student's abilities and accomplishments.

  • Uniqueness

    The beauty of homeschooling is an individualized education. So, we want to present your student’s unique interests and capabilities.

Common Mistakes with Parent-Made Transcripts

Avoid these pitfalls!

  • Course title mistakes: Too general
  • Total number of credits: Not enough or Too many
  • Grade value calculations: SC has a weighted scale

If you want equal opportunities for your alternative education, then you need to demonstrate equivalent educational achievements.

A Transcript is a Forever Document

Be Prepared for the Unknowns Ahead

Beverly never thought that her kids would want to go on to college, so she didn't create a transcript for them. Several years later, she realized they did need transcripts. But she could not find her stored records and her association had closed. 

 "I explained my dilemma and immediately, as if she had known me through it all, Kim already knew how and where to begin and helped make a very desperate situation painless. I highly recommend Kim’s Transcript Assistance services. She is a true blessing." ~Beverly Kurka

Hi! I'm Kim. My goal is to help homeschool grads succeed in reaching their goals and dreams.

Transcript Preparation Services

Kim Andrysczyk

Kim is a former public school teacher with over 20 years experience in homeschooling. As an association director, she has formatted hundreds of homeschool transcripts that are compliant with SC Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education (CHE), acceptable for college admissions and military recruitment. Now, she's offering these insights for all homeschoolers in SC and beyond on her blog, the SC Homeschooling Connection.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a transcript? My student isn't going to college.

    It's a forever document that will open the doors of opportunity in case your grad changes their mind 5-10 years later. You will save yourself a lot of headache if you create a transcript now.

  • Can I just format my own parent-made transcript?

    You can--it's your right. But, many places are now scrutinizing parent-made transcripts. We can provide verification for your records as an independent agency.

  • How is this service different than other transcript preparation services?

    We use the SC Uniform Grade scale and calculate the GPA in compliance with the SC Commission on Higher Education current policies. The SC weighted grade scale is important for state scholarship eligibility.

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